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Masi Mara LionAltogold African Safari Holiday Specials


We all dreamed of an African SAFARI through the diverse African landscape.



Altogold African SAFARI offers the chance to experience Kenya with a difference that you simply do not get from the other tour operators without great expense to you


Altogold African SAFARI is a Adventure in Kenya




We are different because you are all different and have varying assperation for your holidays. That’s why supply


  1. A vehicle, driver for YOU alone (NO sharing the vehicle with other  guests)
  2. Your select the accommodation (if you wish from a tent to top end luxury lodges)
  3. You just decide when and where, (our Driver is Knowledgeable and can advise you) that give you the best of both worlds
  4. We arrange your tour for you, to suit you or often a suggested Tour (these are personally designed around your wishes.
  5. We use our vast knowledge to experience in the regions, we will give you the best culture and sites at your leisure.(Most Safaris are timed to be in places WE ARE NOT its your holiday
  6. Our staff (Often Local drivers who we know personally) have toured from North to South and East to West of Kenya, (Most other operators are working to a set of schedules that are often cost based)



Weaver birdAll our holidays are cost based BUT, ours are different, Your getting a local driver working for themselves whom we have worked with (Not a contracted Driver by a tour operator). So your holiday not only offer you the opportunity to go on Safari, but supports the local drivers family directly as well as enjoying someone with a vested interest in you. What more could you ask.




Often an African SAFARI is a highlight of your life and special one off treat. So Planning is important.


We do not book Flights as there is a great opportunity to make personal savings booking directly these days.



We need from you



What you would like to see (As with nature we can only do our best to put you in the right areas. After that we wait) Examples :-


The Migration:- This is a 6-8 week period and when it starts it’s all about luck.


BIG 5 :- Lions, Leopards, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo. Easy to write those down but honesty says Elephants, Buffalo, and Lions OK, but patients and luck is needed for the Rhino and especially the Leopard.


Birds: - The ornithologists can enjoy some parks but others are very Sparse.


Charitable wildlife reserves: - these include place where people have devoted the lives to protecting species and across Kenya there are a lot so think which one you want.


Plantations:- Kenya has a growing industry ranging from Tea and Coffee plantation tours.


Geological: - Kenya is steeped in fascinating geological landscape whether Volcanic to savannah to Mountains and geo thermal spring all make up the diverse land escape.



So we are happy to share this information with you. - We can build packages to suite you from 2 days to 90 days. No obligation A Lodge



All our safaris and game drives are very different simply because we support the local economy and take very little our selves. Since our first personal visit we realized these people work hard for the little they receive. They never complain, just move on with a smile welcoming all who come and see to their beautiful country. We would like you to do the same. We know these people personally! And they will look after you they want you shout about the beautiful country.


We Support the Kenyan people. We are not a Charity offer directly to those who work for a better future. Some call it Green, some eco friendly, and some eco tourism, but we are none. We deal direct with the local drivers and their families there are no middle men or agents.



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