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Frequently ask Questions.


We keep them simple for you to follow.




Q. Do you have an area for touring caravans and motor homes.

A. We offer accommodation on site and site reservations.
Families who chose to book our accommodation and wish to bring their own tent, caravan or motor home we do our best to book them close by or in some cases next to each other. The earlier you book the better your chances of get what you want.


Q. Who needs a Visa

A. Visit I need to make an appointment? Visit


Q. Are you ABTA bonded?

A. No we have never felt the need to be ABTA or IATA. With over 45 years of running a family holiday business still Owned totally and controlled totally by 2 senior family members. We pride ourselves in Owning all but the camp site grass with no bank loans or ties that cause so much heart ache to so many holiday makers.
We however we do adhere to the EC package directives which as it says requires us to protect you from items not owned by the company or a subsidiary suppliers.
Your more than welcome to check us out Please ask for contacts address. Why not look us up or try credit worth status.


Q. Can you tell us if we can use Euros in Switzerland without penalty in exchange rates

A. As with all payments any currency other than the local currency will incur a exchange difference.




Q. The price Quoted for your holiday is there any hidden extras?
. No we believe strongly in transparent pricing, we offer extras e.g. Linen, Televisions, etc but we will inform you of the choices. The prices you see are for the accommodation.


Q. I want Cross channel?

A. We have a seperate pricing this covers Dover - Calais crossings with your selected Accomodation (please request).


Q. I like to know if there is a Holiday Home (Mobile home) available for XX Persons in the following
Period: xx/xx/xx at camping place Manor Farm Interlaken?
Can you tell me what the price is in euro's please. Including everything for those 2 weeks.
and as we live in The Netherlands, what is the quickest way to make a reservation and
How can we pay etc.

A. We have the following :---- Please select you prefered option. To secure the dates we will require a deposit of 100 eur to confirm you booking. When you book we ask that you make payment into our UBS Euro Account. (Account details supplied on booking). Alternately you can send a Euro Cheque Or pay with Card Online. Final balance of your holiday would be due 8 week before the holiday start date.


Q. Could I check with you on the facilities for self-catering? I understand that plates, bowls, forks and spoons are provided, so are pans (and woks?)
for cooking.

A. We do not supply Woks, but yes the main European inventory pot, pans etc are within.


Q. Just wonder if we need to bring detergent or washing liquid for plate and spoon etc

A. Detergents and wash liquid is available locally.


Q. Is there a launderette nearby or a washing machine

A. The camp has wash machines and there is a launderette in town.

We can supply a basic wash kits, ie wash liquid, tea towel and sponge on request. Cleaning materials are available for cleaning your holiday home on departure (free).


Provisional requests?


Q. How long will you hold our Provisional reservation?

A. We hold provisional reservations for 5-10 days, But if you make a provisional online you can pay your deposit online, just log in.




Q. When is our booking confirm.

A. All bookings are confirmed in writing/by Email, we strongly advised you do not reserve any "other travel untill you have our "confirmation in writing".


Q. My reservation 4 nights must I book linen?

A. YES. As part of improving the client relationship and comfort we have found short stay holidays makes often forget or do not have the space to carry the associated bed linen required. You can how ever notify us that you will bring your own and the charges will be removed (NOTE:- we will ask you to produce proof on arrival, failure will result in you paying extra for your linen).


Q. When is our final money due, what if we are Late.

A. Direct booking require money to be paid 8 weeks before departure.

A. Online booking are paid in full or by deposit ( log in to pay your final monies). Late payments will recieve one polite reminder before offering the holiday for resale.


Making Payments


All on line payments are shown and paid in GBP£. When paying from other country your currency will be converted to GBP£ at your card companies rates (charges may apply).


Q. I've booked mobile home for 3 nights in Interlaken through online booking. However I couldn't proceed for online payment (credit card) when I try to login using my email and password given. Can you help and advise me on this? Thank you.

A. Enter your email and login code supplied (if you do not have one please ask. NOTE we only responde to original emails only) This will access your personal page. Check your holiday details are correct and the ammounts are the agreed.
At the bottom of the page is two boxes. The left one is MAKE ANOTHER PAYMENT (BUTTON), The right one is BOX TO ENTER AMOUNT IN, Put the sum you wish to pay in EMTER AMMOUNT , box.
Press MAKE ANOTHER PAYMENT (BUTTON) and follow your credit card instructions


Q. Just need to know when and how you want me to pay the balance for our holiday.

A. You can send a Cheque for ballance (no booking fee applied). Cheques made to Altogold Ltd, Address Altogold Ltd Hillside Walk, Storrington, W Sussex, RH20 3HL.

Or you can pay with your Card Booking fee applied 2%.£1292.26 Online, Using your Customer login = ????@???? (what ever your email you supplied at time of booking. Your Pass = Supplied at time of booking. (If you lost of donot remember please ask. Note we will only respond to original emails supplied. To change the email address we will as security questions).

Travel Details (Travel from Ireland Scrol down Please)


Q. What information and directions do Altogold Travel supply?

A. We supply a Holiday guide which include suggested routes from the UK and a interesting list of places to visit. also avaliable ONLINE.

A. We will keep you well informed of any changes before you leave and during your stay.


Q. How long is the journey to switzerland?

A. This is always difficult because of, the port you depart from and the route you choose, have you driven in Europe before?, how fast you travel, and Road works. There are many other factors but a rule of thumb we say if your new to driving in Europe then 10- 12 hours, Been before then 8- 10 hours but again you may wish to overnight?.. or visit freinds?


Q. Is there any motorway taxes?

A. Yes France have Peage but most french A roads are quite adiquate these days.
A. Yes Switzerland the motorway tax can be purchased before you leave but we recommend you collect one at the boarder. If you have a trailer you will require two!.


Q. I'm flying, how long will the train journey take ?
Your Flight + from Geneva & Zurich 3 hours. Bern 2.5 hours includes a bus, Basel -2.5 Hours (Visit Train times)


Q. Which airport would you recommend.
Our preferred airport would be Geneva because the railway station is easy access be warned though they close late at night till early hours. So book wisely as the trains stop for the night. Down side is that you will usually change at Bern to the Zurich train to Interlaken.


Q Is there a Bus Srevice?

A. Yes The Ideal Station is Interlaken West station. From here you catch the number 21 Route 6 Asking for Neuhaus or Manor Farm (there are two stops the best is Manor Farm the Other is Neuhaus (First stop). The driver will stop if ask but otherwise please push the bell on the poles near the seats .

The busses from Interlaken west start at approx

 0708  Neuhaus / Manor Farm 0723





Half hourly until last bus 1908 arrive 1923 .Busses run from around 0630 to 1900 after these hours the Taxi services are available (Not Free).


Q. let me know if you arrange rail travel from London to Interlaken, the cost and length of journey. Also is there a telephone number where I can contact you?.

A. Regarding travel we can arrange rail travel though we are honest (small family run business) and would happily advise you to whom we would book it through (if you get a better price then you're more than welcome to build your own package without any penalties on our accommodation (Un-like other operators).
Our personal advice for travel would depend on how many people are travelling as a guide rail is about 200 -250 GBP return per person on the cheapest route ( not using Euro tunnel). The Train is a lovely journey and takes from 16 hour to 24 hours again depending which route is taken. Flights are from as little as 120 GBP return per Adult and this can go up or down in price subject to current offers. By Ferry from (currently 19 GBP each way Norfolk line direct booking) though we do a package from 90 GBP to 130 GBP up to 5 in a car Dover Calais, but you need to add Fuel and running cost to this. (Year 2010)


Q. We are a family of four and would like to come and wish stay with you a Manor Farm Interlaken CH3800.
1. How do we reach your place from Zurich.
2. Is it possible to commute everyday to the train station as we need to visit places like Lucerne, Zermatt, Jungfrau, Matterhorn etc.

A. Travel from Zurich is an easy, interesting 3 hour journey. Arriving at Interlaken WEST station where short bus journey will take you to Neuhaus/ Manor Farm. Many of our Guests tke excursions to Lucerne, Zermatt (Matterhorn), Jungfraujoch (The most popular), Choose you travel el reduction ticket wisely.




Q. If we arrive late and the managers are in Bed what happens?

A. Normal arrival times are from 3pm onwards.

A. We not going to just leave you, If you quietly look on Our notice board outside Altogold Travel reception a welcome guide for you will be on display (with your name on as you may not be the only one who's late). Please read and you will see the route to your holiday home (we leave the Kitchen Light ON just to guide you to a warm welcoming home. Our Managers will come and see you in the morning to exchange documentations for your key and welcome you to your chosen region.


Q. What are the facilities available to us on Manor Farm.

A. Manor Farm Facilities include Reception, Kiosk, Shop, Restaurant, Sports area (subject to weather), Game area, Mini golf (Not free), several children's play areas and one small children's pool, several wash and toilet buildings, cloths Washing facilities (small charge), Two beaches (unattended). Locally we have golf, Paragliding sailing to name a few.


Q. We are a little lost to the region?

A. Thats just what our managers are there for, please ask for help and directions they are well informed.


Q. Can I pay with my credit card locally?
A. Yes all major cards can be used though the shops and garages are selective to which ones they accept.


Q. What the best saving we could make as a family on holiday?
If your children are under 16 years the the "Junior Card" It means the children travel FREE on most of the Swiss transport network for a very small fee.


Q. The junior card does it include Train Boats & cable cars.
YES so do not miss out.


Q. Is there any way we can see the weather forcast to plan our visits when on Holiday.

A. Yes Book a Holiday Home A ( Mobile Home A) and take advantage of the Television tune in to SF1 from around 0630 to 0900 most mornings and you will get the live views of most of Switzerland with the forward forecast its great for planning the best places to visit.

Holiday Location

At Manor Farm


Q. Is there a Swimming Pool at Manor Farm Interlaken?

A. In high season there is a Very small Splash pool Max 3m x3m and 80cm deep. (Ok for Children when attended by a Parent/ Guardian). The nearest indoor and out door Swimming pool is in Interlaken.


Q. Is the television services in the holiday homes cable or domestic broadcast.

A. The Televisions are Pal/D system connected to cable TV for Quicknet.


Q. Is there a supermarket nearby.

A. 8. We have 4 markets in interlaken Migros, Coop, Denner, Lidl.


Q. Are there any interesting day trips that you feel are worthwhile with the children.

A.,,,, But that said if you want to see the alps then conceder Mannlichen gondola,, and Half way up the First gondola there is a lovely play ground.



Travel ticket suggestion for summer 7 nights

Examples prices are approx due to currency fluctuations

Option 1

SWISS PASS offers free national network travel for the Jungfraujoch you are free to Grindelwald and Wengen only with reductions from there onwards. 

Advantages you are free to travel all round Switzerland eg Bern Geneva etc

Disadvantages if you go beyond the villages into mountains you will pay


Option 2

SWISS HALF FARE CARD COMBI (+ Transfer ticket) Offers travel for the Jungfraujoch at half fare all the way but need to buy a ticket for each journey.

Advantages your not paying as much as the Swiss pass and feel freeer to have days off .

Disadvantages you need a ticket for each journey


Option 3

BERNESE OBERLAND REGIONAL PASS Offers travel for the Jungfraujoch free to Kleine Schiedegge and 25% to the top.

Transfer ticket + Regional pass 

Advantages you are free to travel nearly all round the Bernese Oberland region including up into the mountains (there are a few exceptions eg Jungfraujoch, Schilthorn)

Disadvantages the ticket run consecutively so you feel obliged to use every day but can easily recover costs



Best deal is the junior card 30Chf (2016) for the first 2 children then 3-4 are free. This ensure travelling with their parent / guardian they are free (including Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn)

We can issue all these passes though I recommend if you choose the Regional pass to collect o arrival (if for any reason you need to cancel you get a full refund but would need to pay for a bus or taxi from Interlaken to Manor Farm


Q. Is it worth my while getting one of the Pass offers?
A. First of all, think about what sort of travelling you want to do while on holiday. To find out whether a Pass offer is really worthwhile for you, go to the website of the
Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and calculate the ticket prices for the individual journeys you want to make.

Full details of the individual offers provided by the Swiss Travel System are available here:

Guests from Europe
Guests from overseas


Q?. Is it better to buy the Pass in Switzerland or order it in advance?
A. If you already know how many journeys you plan to make, it is advisable to buy the Pass in advance. There are advance ticket purchase offices in many countries, and you also have the possibility of buying the Pass online. What's more, given the current exchange rates it is often cheaper to buy the Pass outside Switzerland. You should also bear in mind that you cannot purchase the Swiss Transfer Ticket for example in Switzerland.
But if you want to be flexible and decide what journeys to make once you are here, then we recommend that you buy your Pass in Switzerland. The offers are available at most main railway stations throughout Switzerland.


Q?. Can I also book a Pass online at short notice, just before I leave?
A. If you're planning to travel to Switzerland in a few days' time, we recommend that you buy the Pass either at a Swiss railway station or with Altogold Travel.


Q?. Are reservations compulsory on Swiss trains?
A. No. You do not normally need reservations on trains in Switzerland; in fact it is often not possible for individual travellers to reserve seats. Panorama trains are the exception: on these trains reservations are compulsory.


Q?. What do I have to do to reserve seats on a panorama train?
A. The simplest way is to book the trains directly online. Please note that reservations are compulsory on most panorama trains. It is advisable to book panorama trains well in advance. More about panorama trains...


Q?.Do passengers travelling on a Saver Pass always have to travel together?
A. With the Saver Pass you only get one ticket. That means that everyone travelling has to travel together. But not all the members of the group have to travel at the same time: some can stay at the Accommodation or visit the town.


Q?. Are there discounts for families?
Ans- Yes. If the parents have an Swiss Travel System ticket, children up to age 16 travel free with their parents. The children are issued with a free Swiss Travel System Family Card as their ticket.


Q?. Is the Swiss Travel System Family Card also available for grandparents?
Ans- No. The free Swiss Travel System Family Card is available only for children travelling with at least one of their parents.
Grandparents travelling with their grandchildren can purchase a Grandchild Travelcard once they are in Switzerland. The Travelcard costs (2012) CHF 30.00 per child and is available at all larger railway stations throughout Switzerland. The Grandchild Travelcard is valid in the same way as the Swiss Travel System Family Card.


Q?. Do I benefit from any other discounts by buying a Swiss Travel System Pass?
A. You only benefit from further discounts if you purchase a Swiss Pass or a Swiss Flexi Pass. These Passes entitle you to free admission to over 400 museums, a 50% discount on most mountain railways and cableways (except the Jungfraujoch: 25% discount), discounts on hotel accommodation, and discounts on city tours.


Q?. Is the free admission to museums valid for the whole month with the Swiss Flexi Pass?
A. No. Free admission is granted only on the days validated for free travel.


Q?. Is the individual day of travel with the Swiss Pass valid 24 hours?
A. No. The individual day is a calendar day. That means the ticket is valid from 00.00 on the first day of validity to 5 am on the day following the last day of validity.


Q?. What is the difference between the Swiss Card and the Swiss Transfer Ticket?
Ad Both tickets allow you to travel from the airport/border to your holiday destination and back. But with the Swiss Card you also get a 50% discount on the normal price when buying other tickets during your stay in Switzerland. Both tickets are valid one month.


Q?. I'm travelling with a lot of luggage; is it possible to check-in my luggage?Yes. You have the possibility of handing in your luggage at a Swiss railway station and picking it up again at your holiday destination. The larger railway stations also offer you the possibility of checking-in your luggage with many airlines the day before your flight.

A. - Fast Baggage Service

A. Check-In Service


Q?. Is the Pass replaced if it is lost or stolen?
A. No. The Pass is neither replaced nor refunded.


Q?. What do I do if I have to cancel my travel plans?
A. Please contact your advance ticket purchase office or booking agent directly.


Q?. How do I activate my Swiss Pass? (applies to Open Date Passes only)

A. You can validate the Swiss Pass together with your Pass at any larger railway station throughout Switzerland. Please note that you need to validate your Pass before making your first journey.


Q?. It was great talking to you earlier, it seems as if there is a world of information waiting to burst out of you... fantastic.
OK if you could give us any advise about our plans below it would be much appreciated. You have already touched upon some of these but to give you a better idea of what we are planning I've broken it down below.

- Arriving and staying at Manor Farm September 2012.
- We will be staying at Manor Farm or Camp Jungfrau to provide us with different surrounding and views.
- However on we will check in then hike up to Berg hotel Faulhorn to spend a night and witness the claimed beautiful sunset and sunrise the next morning before joining the rest at Camp Jungfrau.
- We would also during our stay like to visit a thermal bath, an historic town, do some activities (paragliding, cannoning) and possibly visit the cliff side guest house at Ebenalp.

Considering the above would you recommend using public transport to get around or would it be much more convenient to drive. With that in mind how much would it actually cost for us to get around for the 15 days.
Also you mentioned that there are different ticket systems (national/regional and private), would you mind just explaining how that would affect us.

Ans:- Ill try to guide you.
To Hike to Faulhorn (I have walked Schinigge Platte Faulhorn and First twice) which route are you thinking (the quickest is Cable way to First the from memory 2 to 2,5 hour walk up hill at altitude so please allow for this). Another choice for the less fit is Niessen and stay overnight? If the party feel fit ie 5 hours they can walk on to Schinigge Plate (lovelly walk and very popular now days.
Thermal baths are rare in our region the best I can offer is


Looking at you idea I'm thinking you should consider Planplatten to Meiringen (Home of Meringue)/ Reuti
There is a lovely lesser known walk from Isenflue to the back of Schilthorn and on to Grutschalp.


If you get a general Swiss travel reduction ie Swiss Card you are half fare to Grindelwaldand to Kliene Schiedegg Swiss Pass you are free to Grindelwald and Half fare to Kliene schiedegg

The Regional Pass and Jungfrau pass (subtle difference eg Jungfrau pass only cover a small area) but offer greater freedom to travel in the region. (Visit MOVE the map on the bottom left to see ALL THE AREA ) Boats trains, cable cars, buss most not all post busses and a lot more).

Re Costing that always difficult but with the pound to Swiss Franc currently poor the cost can be High on some trips.
If there is 10+ of you possibly a small mini bus but you would need to check the rules on this for 12 people including Driver!. Remember you can only drive so far into the mountains eg
You trip to Faulhorn is OK to Grindelwald the cable way to First followed by a walk
A trip to Muerren or Kliene schiedegg you would have to park at Lauterbrunnen or Grindelwald ( I recommend Zwielutschinen to have a round trip).

If your here for 5 day days and its you First time heres a few ideas.
Day 1 Ballenberg museam (Group entry ticket)and if time prevails Brienz town (wood carving centre)
Day 2 Lauterbrunen, Grutschalp, Muerren, Stechelberg, Trummel bach, Lauterbrunnen with those wishing to do Schilthorn (2nd most expensive in Region)
Day 3 Faulhorn
Day 4 Leukbad and return via Goppinstien/ Kandersteg Those wish a change of venue either Neissen one of Europe's steepest funiculars or Kandersteg to Oeschenensee (beautiful lake in the mountains.
Day 5 Bern or Lucerne though Lucerne is best known Bern the capital has just as much to offer except not by the lake.
There still lake trips or drives into real Switzerland and real Swiss valleys. Special rail runs by steam or Jungfraujoch (the most expensive!!)
If its overcast then Lucerne/Bern or the transport museum. Or Glasswork. Cheese making even Ballenberg is still quite nice.

You mention activities our reagion known as the play gardens of Europe and the choice is endless. Have a look at out activities page with a direct like to booking in advance any activities you like

Flying I like Geneva because at Zurich generally customers just miss the first train on account there plane unloaded way back in the airport with a 15-20min walk. Whereas Geneva it virtually off the plane 200m and on to a train. Basel you catch a bus depending on which country your entering. and the rail run is about 2.5 hour to Interlaken WEST station NOT OST.





Q. What do I do before going Home?

A. Our managers have cleaning equipment and its ALL Free just ask, If your inventory short or you have a breakage please let us know as soon as possible. Do not forget to exchange your Key and we will always wish you a safe journey home.

Departures are by 10am

If you fell we are missing your point please email us with your question.



Q.When is the £40 pound Returnable deposit (Online booking will require to pay on arrival) be refunded,

A.The £40 returnable deposit is returned on completion of your holiday. Subject to you holiday home being left clean & tidy with no Damage. To receive the £40 just drop us a line on your Return or complete the Questionair.


Q. How secure is our holiday if we book with you.

A. Your holiday is secure when you book with us. "Altogold Ltd" is and always has been totally owed by the same family as Directors since its beginnings in 1969. We believe that's the BEST protection you can get. NO Banks or any other financial institutions" can tell us when or how much to pay. "WE TOTALLY OWN ALTOGOLD Ltd" you cannot have better. EC directive 80 if you book a "package holiday" your monies shall be held until you complete your holiday. We have well over 40 years (40yrs in 1969 - 2009) of knowledge and experience and still looking to the future. But if you're still want MORE then book with your Credit card (not Debt Card these protect you differently) and add the extra protection. (All Credit card companies check or credential regularly to protect you).

Travel from Ireland to Switzerland


Q. I would love to take the family to Switzerland for a holiday but we would be travelling from Ireland. I would like to travel in the most eco friendly way possible but we are limited for time and we are also not hugely wealthy so money is an issue. I wonder if you could give any advice to us on this, perhaps suggesting links for how to get from Ireland to France, and then giving us an idea.

A.From Dublin to Geneva Aer Lingus offer Direct flights.
Option 1
Purchase say a Swiss card or Swiss Pass, both offer transfer to your holiday destination.
Option 2
Car Hire Geneva Airport.
Easy car
Option 3
If you were to drive it's a long run of two sea crossing and over 1600km probably 24hours of driving each way. Personally unless you're going for 2 or more weeks really it is unrealistic streefull even though European driving is easier that if in the UK.